Consultations and surveys Consultation: proposals for having licences for privately rented houses in Old Moat


We held a ten week consultation from 20 March to 2 June 2017 to find out what good housing means to local people. This information was used to decide if we need a selective licensing scheme in north Manchester.

Read the executive meeting minutes (Item 5)

After reviewing comments from landlords and residents, we have decided to formally designate a selective licensing area within Old Moat. This means that landlords and managing agents in specific parts of Old Moat will need a licence to rent a home. If you are a landlord in the area, you have up to 23 April 2018 to apply for a licence

The scheme aims to improve management standards and conditions of private rented housing and support the reduction of antisocial behaviour. For now, we are focussing on a small part of Old Moat, covering an area of around 300 private sector homes. 

Download and read more about the consultation:

  1. Consultation summary of the results
  2. Transcript of all questions or comments received during the consultation

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