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Proposed improvements and areas

This consultation closed August 7 2020


We want to make a safer more active neighbourhood in Beswick by:

  • making journeys to and from schools safer
  • having fewer people ‘cutting through’ the area to get to their destination outside it
  • creating an ‘active neighbourhood’ based around an area which can be crossed in a 10 minute walk.
  • reducing car use for short journeys
  • getting more people walking and cycling

Where are changes needed?

We have looked into details and locations of all the accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in this area over the past five years. We’ve also looked at the places where people are likely to want to travel to from home including:

  • schools and colleges
  • leisure centres and libraries
  • churches
  • shops
  • food and drink outlets.

We have based the positioning of features on this information - please tell us if you think the measures shown on the map are in the right place. You can also tell us where else you think safety measures are needed to encourage walking and cycling.

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Proposed areas and measures:

  • Darley Street and Ashton New Road - road narrowing and improved junction
  • Ashton New Road and path leading to Albert Street - new crossing
  • Grey Mare Lane and Ashton New Road - road narrowing and improved junctions
  • Rylance Street and Albert Street - improved junction
  • Darley Street and Albert Street - bollards
  • Albert Street - improved junction
  • Barmouth Street and Albert Street - new crossing
  • Albert Street near Sarah Street- more attractive streets
  • Albert Street and Grey Mare Lane - improved junction
  • Grey Mare Lane and Bell Crescent - new crossing
  • Rylance Street and Aldridge Street - improved junction
  • Rylance Street and Ashton Old Road - road narrowing and new crossing


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