Consultations and surveys Fallowfield Loop and Yellow Brick Road consultation second stage

The proposed improvements 

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A full ecology report was done to ensure that any proposed lighting would not damage or disturb local wildlife. Due to the extensive wildlife, particularly bats including some endangered species, the whole route could not be lit with column lighting, with the exception of a very small section from St Werburgh’s tram stop up to the bridge at Withington Road.   

There are some ramps and access entrances that have been requested, we will be investigating if this is possible based on structural surveys of the location, some areas may not be suitable because of this. 

Following this feedback, our engineers have made many visits to study the route in detail and see where improvements can be made. As a result, we are planning changes like: 

  • Improving existing paths and adding new ones 
  • Improved entry points, with features to tell you where you are on the route
  • Creating new access points 
  • Replacing kissing gates and barriers with bollards  
  • Widening access points 
  • Resurfacing all of the Yellow Brick Road and patch repairing the Fallowfield Loop 
  • Landscaping to make areas more attractive 
  • New seating 
  • Local information boards 
  • Repairing or replacing existing steps and ramps 
  • Removing graffiti 
  • Clearing and trimming vegetation 
  • Replacing direction signs 
  • New lighting columns, and lit bollards 
  • New, attractive wall art in some locations (e.g. under bridges) 
  • Better drainage, with planted areas to absorb water and prevent flooding 
  • New crossings at access points (including ‘toucan’ crossings which allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross separately and safely), and a parallel crossing or ‘cycle box’.
  • Junction improvements near access points 
  • Manhole cover improvements 
  • A skate park 
  • Wildflower gardens and fairy gardens to attract local insects with native flower species which are then kept and maintained by a local school who sponsor them as part of a Forest School teaching programme.  
  • Bridge repairs and resurfacing 

We have split this into 14 areas, read about the improvements planned by area 

Accessibility to the Loop and Yellow Brick Road

In the last consultation, it was noted by residents and ward members that quad bikes, trail bikes etc are a nuisance and demonstrate antisocial behaviour in some areas on a nightly basis, which is the reason that the current ‘A’ frames were originally installed at a number of entrance points to the route.

While they may help with this issue, they also exclude a lot of people including those:

  • on mobility scooters,
  • on bikes whose mobility is limited if they have to dismount,
  • who can cycle but cannot dismount because of their disability and are effectively using their cycle as a wheelchair,
  • pushing prams etc.

Our design team completed an equality impact assessment to ensure our scheme is compliant with the 2010 Equality Act, which says that access must not discriminate against any abilities. We are proposing to replace existing A Frames and bollard arrangements that are problematic for users. All entrances are different and as such the solutions will be different but will follow a common theme.

Crime and CCTV

We are very aware of the levels of crime historically on the Fallowfield Loop. A lot has already been done to try to address this, and more people using the Loop and the Yellow Brick Road during the last 18 months has improved safety and reduced the number of incidents.

Several people in the consultation asked about CCTV along the route, this has been investigated but is not being proposed as part of this project due to the length of the route making quick response to an incident - and the cost of installing and monitoring CCTV footage - unfeasible. However, many of the elements of the scheme will improve safety including some new lighting, removal of vegetation etc, and a continued increase in people using it on foot and on bikes as improvements are made.

Longer term, local spikes in antisocial behaviour or criminal activity will be reviewed by police and local councillors, and they will decide if any further actions are needed.

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