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Manchester is developing its first Integrated Communities Strategy and we want to hear from you.

Integrated communities in Manchester

Defining ‘integration’ and ‘community cohesion’ isn’t easy. But people seem to know it when they see it. We think that the key ingredients for building integration and cohesion comes out of what Manchester has learnt as a diverse city over many years. This includes:   

  • Integration doesn’t happen overnight, and each of us has a part in making it happen.  
  • All neighbourhoods are different – some change more than others – they need their own solutions.  
  • The mixed, joined-up support our places enjoy helps spot potential problems – no need to reinvent the wheel.  
  • Communities need engagement all the time, not just when something’s wrong  
  • People don’t have just one identity. The Manchester identity of shared values means communities aren’t singled out and - whatever your background - you’re welcome and you can get on here.  
  • Knowing English is vital for empowering people to participate in the social opportunities that come with learning it and speaking it.

In its simplest form ‘community cohesion’ can be described as the way in which people from different backgrounds get on together. Building ‘cohesion’ in and between communities is an essential part of valuing diversity and improving people's chances of a good life. Part of that is about making sure that we support our residents to integrate; regardless of if they have been living in the city all their lives or are newly arrived. 

A sense of belonging

Integration is about all our local communities; it includes everyone and supports people of all cultures, ethnicities, identities and beliefs to participate in the Manchester way of life.   

When people feel they belong to their community – when they mix and trust those around them from different backgrounds – they become citizens who are not only integrated but also able to contribute. Then they can use local resources to tackle shared problems and support each other and their communities to build on their strengths, making the very best of what their neighbours and their neighbourhood have going for them. 

Getting along with each other is key to making Manchester the best it can be for everyone who wants to call our city home.  

We want to hear from you about:

  • How we strengthen the ways Mancunians could get along even better.
  • Your experiences of how different communities interact where you live. 

The survey closed on Friday 15 July.

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