Consultations and surveys Withington Public Realm – what you said, and what happens next

In January and February 2024, we asked people for their views. We asked for input on some ideas to improve parts of Withington - Copson Street and Rutherford Place.

Almost 330 people gave feedback on the proposals. They did this through a form on the website, face-to-face and online public events and by email.

Some 80% of those who responded online live in the area. Others either visit, work or have a business in Withington. Around 72% of people were positive or very positive about the proposals. Around 20% were negative or very negative, and the rest were neutral. Support was equal for both public spaces.

Copson Street

People felt most positive about:

  • wider footways
  • limiting the times when vehicles could access the street. 

They wanted measures to:

  • slow traffic
  • increase seating
  • remove clutter from the pavement.

For people who felt negative, the reasons were:

  • loss of parking / lack of disabled parking
  • driver restrictions and diversions
  • businesses worried customer access and deliveries. 

People also asked if the improvements could apply to the full length of Copson Street.

Rutherford Place

People were most positive about:

  • stopping cars moving between Rippingham Road, Willington Road and Davenport Avenue. 

They wanted:

  • more public seating
  • wider footways 
  • less parking on Davenport Avenue. 

People liked the idea of raising the road to pavement level on Davenport Avenue. They also liked Wellington Road being one way southbound.

We had mixed responses to:

  • removing the cycle lane between Rippingham Road, Wellington Road and Wilmslow Road 
  • reversing the one-way on Rippingham Road.

Though, negative responses were low. 

A minority of people showed concern about:

  • an increase in anti-social behaviour if there was more seating
  • safety of pedestrians in open spaces used by cyclists.

Next steps

We are now reviewing the feedback for the next stage of the design and trying to include suggestions. If much changes, there will be another round of consultation, when we will let you know what has changed. If things are not changing, we will let you know why. There will be another consultation in June. This is part of the Traffic Regulation Order process and is statutory.

We plan to share final designs in August, and work on the ground is currently due to start in November 2024.

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