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You can ask a member of The Executive a question about the work we do.  Specifically in relation to the Council's services, policies and strategies. The answer will be published on our website. 

‚ÄčIf the question relates to your individual circumstances, please refer it to your Local Councillor.

If you have tried to report a problem and it has not been resolved, please give us the opportunity to put things right by contacting the service responsible (listed below), or via our complaints department.

General Enquiries - 0161 234 5000
Adult and Children's Services - 0161 234 5001
Council Tax - 0161 234 5002
Benefits - 0161 234 5003
Environmental Services - 0161 234 5004
Email all services -
Email complaints -

Questions that will not be answered

Unfortunately there are some questions which we can't answer through this channel.

These include questions:

  • ‚Äčrelating to your individual circumstances
  • about legal action under way, that is judicial or quasi judicial matters
  • about specific planning applications, licence applications, grant applications or appeals
  • relating to a named member of Council staff or Councillor
  • which involve confidential information
  • about party political matters
  • which are defamatory or designed to cause annoyance or distress
  • which have already been published the past six months

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