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Shisha is as harmful as cigarettes

Smoking shisha can seriously damage your health, and land you with a £50 fine.

Think shisha is harmless? Think again:

  • the water does not filter out the harmful tobacco smoke
  • the flavours mask the tobacco taste
  • you can get addicted because you're inhaling addictive nicotine
  • long smoking sessions and deep inhalation mean more toxins.

Not only are you damaging your own health, you're threatening the health of people around you.

Think shisha is always legal? Think again:

  • the law treats shisha the same as cigarette smoking
  • it's illegal to smoke shisha, even if it's tobacco-free, in an enclosed or mostly-enclosed public place or workplace
  • if you break the rules you can be fined £50.

For help to stop smoking shisha and other forms of tobacco, visit the NHS Smokefree website.

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