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Looking for a career in IT?

Enrol in new CISCO NetAcad free online courses and progress your career. Manchester Libraries, in partnership with Cisco NetAcad, provide self-paced introductory courses which enable you to take your first steps on your path to becoming an IT professional.

You'll find several Cisco NetAcad courses listed below, each course has a final assessment, that you can do, if you don't want to do the final assessment, we recommend you do the quizzes and get feedback about your knowledge.

The courses available:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity: Explore the broad topic of cybersecurity in a way that matters to you.
  • Cybersecurity Essentials: Continues from Introduction to Cybersecurity; develops foundational understanding of cybersecurity and how it relates to information and network security.
  • NDG Linux Unhatched: The "start from scratch" Linux course. A quick intro to the popular operating system.
  • Introduction to the Internet of Things: Provides an overview of key concepts and challenges related to digital transformation.
  • Introduction to Packet Tracer: A course designed for beginners with no prior networking knowledge.
  • Get Connected: Introduces you to basic computer and Internet navigation skills.
  • Entrepreneurship: Uses interactive, online case studies to show how to apply network technology skills to start a business or advance your career.

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Was this page helpful?