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Markets Market Rights Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Working with Trading Standards

1. Liaise with, and take advice from, Trading Standards on any matters relevant to this Code of Practice or other legal issues relating to the supply of goods at the market.

Protecting Shoppers and Legitimate Sellers from Illegal Goods

2. Prohibit the supply of illegal goods, which include stolen goods, suspected stolen goods, counterfeit goods, unsafe goods, tobacco goods (duty unpaid), alcoholic goods (without licence), fireworks (sold otherwise than in accordance with code and regulations), offensive weapons and items of a pornographic nature.

3. Manage the market effectively and take reasonable steps to patrol and monitor the market; act on information from trade mark and copyright holders and other agencies that may highlight the sale of illegal goods; exclude suspected sellers of illegal goods; and remove sellers found to be selling illegal goods or colluding with sellers of illegal goods.  Where such sellers refuse to co-operate with the directions of the organiser of the market, seek assistance from Trading Standards or other relevant authorities.

4. Notify Trading Standards of any suspected sellers of illegal goods together with details of their identities and vehicles wherever possible.

Be Aware of Who is Trading

5. Where possible, obtain, and regularly update a fully completed application form for every seller at the market, whether they are permanent, temporary or casual, including taking proof of identity, address and vehicle registration details.

6. Where possible, display prominently at the front of each trading space the space reference number and seller ID.

7. Prohibit sellers who refuse to supply or display the information required in 5 and 6 above from trading.

Communicate the Market’s Commitment to Fair Trading

8. Display consumer advice information, available from the Trading Standards website www.manchester.gov.uk/info/200098/trading_standards/6518/consumer_advice, and the Code of Practice at entrances, exits and other relevant points at the premises.

9. Ensure all staff employed at the market are aware of this Code of Practice and its requirements.  All security staff shall be employed in compliance with the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

10. Ensure that all sellers are provided with a copy of the Code of Practice as well as the Advice Leaflet for Market Traders available to download from the Real Deal website at http://www.realdealmarkets.co.uk/resources/ .

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