Markets Market Rights Policy


Market Rights fees are payable: 

  • following confirmation of a successful Market Rights Licence Application 
  • by the timeframe notified to you 
  • by debit / credit card using our online payment form 

Fees are subject to annual review in line with Manchester Markets’ review of fees and charges. 

Each Market Rights Licence is subject to an administration fee and a licence fee, and may be subject to a legal fee: 

  • The administration fee for each Market Rights Licence is £55. 
  • Licence fees depend upon the type of market, and the number of trading positions which are calculated by multiplying the number of trading spaces and trading days.  For Car Boot Sales the licence fee is £1.50 per trading position.  The licence fee for All Other Markets is £4.50 per trading position for up to 200 trading positions, and then £3.80 for each trading position above 200. 
  • The legal fee for each Market Rights Licence is £250 + VAT.  Legal fees only apply to licences required to be issued by our legal department., such as for large or regular markets, and where a bespoke licence agreement is required. 

For example:  

  • to hold a car boot sale with 60 trading spaces over two trading days the fee is £235 this includes the £55 administration fee and £180 licence fee. The licence fee is calculated at £1.50 per space  (60 x 2 = 120 @ £1.50) 
  • to hold a market with 48 trading spaces on one trading day the fee is £271 - £55 administration fee and £216 licence fee (48 x 1 = 48 @ £4.50) 
  • to hold a market with 48 trading spaces over six trading days the fee is £1289.40 - £55 administration fee and £1234.40 licence fee (6 x 48 = 288, 200 @ £4.50 + 88 @ £3.80) 

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