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Terms and conditions

These are the conditions of use and to help you prepare for and plan your event.    

Your event application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Type and quality of event which includes appropriateness and who it is for.
  • Suitability of location.
  • Public safety including any associated disruption to residents, park users, businesses, etc.

It is important that we know as much about your event as possible, so it is important that you provide as much detail as possible in your application and any further communications. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure the conditions are adhered to during the event.

We reserve the right to terminate any consent or stop any event which is in progress, should the applicant not conform to the original agreement, or conditions of the activities differ from that agreed with our contract.

Public Liability Insurance details must be provided prior to start of the event. The minimum cover required is £10 million (insurance as required by us no later than 28 days prior to the event and at any time during the event.) Depending on the event being staged this cover may need to be increased.

A range of documentation will be required for final approval which will be included as part or appendix of the Event Management Plan. These include but are not limited to a risk assessment, site plan, traffic management plan, waste plan etc.

1.    Booking Procedure

  • Completion of an online booking form is required for all events.
  • Public Liability Insurance details must be provided with the on-line booking request. Insurance levels matching the Council's minimum requirements £10 million Public Liability Insurance, £10 million Employers Liability Insurance and £5 million Professional Liability Insurance (proof of which will be required).
  • Upon receipt of the application, the Park's Team will assess the suitability of the proposal. A provisional booking approval or rejection will then be granted.
  • Additional documentation for approved provisional bookings will then be requested to formally approve the booking; document requests include risk assessment, site plan which includes running order of event and waste management plan.
  • Failure to return such documentation will result in the cancellation of the provisional booking and the space will become available to other organisations to hire.
  • Once all the required paperwork is submitted, a letter of consent is administered to the applicant for activity within the event space.
  •  The Park's Team will initiate raising the appropriate invoice to the applicant following the issue of the letter of consent.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Park's Team may have to initiate changes to the location or conditions of use. Notification will be given to the organiser at the earliest opportunity and where possible an alternative location / venue will be sought. All such decisions will be final.

2.    Fees

  • A fee will be charged for the events at commercial rate prices, however a discounted rate is available to public service, voluntary sectors and registered charities.
  • Separate rates apply for filming - form is available on request.
  • Additional fees will be charged for any relevant licensing and or documentation that is required.
  • Additional fees will be charged should the Council incur extra cleansing plus all reinstatement costs as a result of the booked event; a retrospective charge will be levied from the applicant along with any appropriate administration fees.
  • Fees will be increased if additional Park's Team staffing time is required for the event. The appropriate fee will be notified.
  • The Council reserves the right to waive or reduce fees if an event demonstrates significant benefit to the City Of Manchester.
  • The Event Organiser will pay to Manchester City Council the licence fee payable as follows:
    • £1,000 on signature of this Agreement and the remaining amount payable after the event once final entrant numbers have been confirmed with Kirsten Flanagan, General Manager, Heaton Park.
    • The Event organiser shall in addition to the licence fee pay to Manchester City Council a property damage deposit in the amount of £1,000 (one thousand pounds) to cover against any loss or damage to the Event Site or otherwise Manchester City Council's premises and/or property resulting from the operation of the Event which shall be payable a minimum of 28 days prior to the Event. It is agreed that Manchester City Council is entitled to retain such sums from the property damage deposit to pay for damage and/or loss caused as referred to in this clause.
    • Any remainder shall be reimbursed to the Event Organiser within 30 days of the Event.

3.    What we expect of you

Hold event planning meetings (i.e. Multi Agency Planning Meetings) as requested by park's staff.

Be responsible for the organisation, management, safety and co-ordination and delivery of the event and shall be solely responsible for all commercial aspects in respect of the operation of the Event.

Ensure that in carrying out the Event, that you and your employees, subcontractors, servants and agents comply with the law for the time being in force, and in particular complies fully with all legislation relating to equal opportunities, health and safety and employment protection.

Submit to Manchester City Council an Event safety plan detailing and covering matters including but not limited to -

  • Event Operations, detailing build up, de-rig, production and timetables
  • Technical specifications for items being brought onto site and all their relevant documentation
  • Security, stewarding
  • Fencing and crowd control proposals
  • Risk Assessments
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Contingency Plan
  • First aid proposals
  • Sanitary and Welfare Provision
  • Traffic Management in and around site
  • Noise Control
  • Litter and waste management
  • Catering
  • Stages and Lighting
  • Consultation with local residents and park users
  • Power requirements.

Information is required no later than two months prior to the Event in respect of draft versions and 28 days prior to the Event for final sign off, and if applicable, by MCC utilising the Safety Advisory Group.

For the avoidance of doubt such matters all a documentation shall be subject to Manchester City Council's approval.

  • Obtain the prior approval of Manchester City Council to promote and as appropriate market the Event by way of special interest, local and national press coverage of the event through the process of press releases, banners, competitions etc., through advertising at similar events, any special promotions on the Event Site and their suitability for the Event.
  • Provide professional management of the Event in accordance with good industry practice and will ensure that the Event Site is controlled so as not to create dangers for participants, site workers or members of the public.
  • Obtain the prior agreement in writing of Manchester City Council of any proposed Event sponsors before confirmation with sponsors having due regard to Manchester City Council's existing policies and procedures.
  • Be responsible for all reimbursement and reinstatement to Manchester City Council the cost of site damage caused to the Event Site, surrounding park and those external areas affected by the event.
  • Provide its own appointed first aid cover for all build and derig times.
  • Heaton Park, Wythenshawe Park and Platt Fields Park are licensed for events however the event organiser is responsible for obtaining all relevant alcohol licenses, performing Rights Society Licences and other licences required for the Event as necessary.
  • Be responsible for all lost property recovered on the Event Site during and after the Event Period.
  • Comply with the provisions of Manchester City Council's Premises Licence for the Event Site at all times, a copy of which to be provided by Manchester City Council.
  • Ensure that the total number of people on the Event Site does not exceed the site capacity at any one time.  If the Event exceeds the existing Premises Licence then additional licences would be required.
  • Ensure that a Market Rights Licence application is made to Manchester City Council's Manchester Markets Department where there are 5 or more stalls, stands, vehicles or pitches from which articles are sold, including, for example, car boot sales, table top sales and exhibitions where selling is undertaken and that it has a Market Rights Licence in force for the Event in such case. This also includes markets being held for the benefit of a charity, disaster relief fund or other not-for- profit organisations.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient numbers of trained and qualified security personnel and stewards for the event from a reputable company which is acceptable Manchester City Council for the build, derig and Event days. They will be employed in such numbers as agreed with MCC and shall be in accordance with the Event Safety Plan. Where the Event involves catering submit an Event Catering plan to Manchester City Council detailing catering purposes and food hygiene proposals no later than 28 days prior to the Event which shall be subject to Manchester City Council's approval.
  • Provide all rubbish collection during Event and clearance of the Event Site after the Event
  • Arrange for provision of Ambulance Service Cover and provision of First Aid coverage.
  • Provide fire equipment including fire extinguishers for stewards trailers etc. be responsible for provision of firefighting facilities in all designated areas under its control.
  • Provide electrical distribution required for the Event.
  • Provide adequate toilet facilities.
  • Be responsible for traffic management on the Event Site and surrounding roads to ensure all emergency routes are always kept clear at all times and to ensure only essential vehicles are issued with appropriate passes for this area.
  • Ensure that whilst the event is open to the public no vehicles, except for emergency vehicles, are allowed to move from areas under their direct control to the main arena.
  • Ensure  all its contractors, personnel and employees are provided with appropriate safety equipment of suitable manufacture
  • Allow Manchester City Council, its agents and employees to enter the Event Site at all times for inspection purposes and shall fully co-operate with the same.
  • Manchester City Council in advance of specific hazards such as fireworks, strobe lighting, flammables etc. which must be agreed in advance of the Event in  writing with Manchester City Council following the submission of full details and risk assessments by the Event Organiser.  Manchester City Council reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any such hazard at its discretion.  This information must be finalised and is subject to the approval of the Safety Advisory Group and Manchester City Council no later than 28 days before the Event.   

4.   We will provide

  • The event site
  • Car parking facilities (excluding car park stewards/marshals which are to be provided by the Event Organiser or through other agreement).
  • Site staff to monitor the operation of the Event.

5.     Additional information

  • The Event Organiser will be mindful of the need to maintain good public relations and will operate the Event in a manner which is conducive to the maintenance of constructive relationships with the community and other partner agencies and shall engage in consultation with the local community in respect of the Event. Publicity arising from specific incidents or queries should be notified to Manchester City Council immediately and a joint response agreed prior to dissemination. The event organiser will be require to fill in an event log.
  • The Event Organiser will, if required by Manchester City Council and Safety Advisory Group and as specified by such, notify the residents surrounding the venue of the Event by way of a letter, together with an invitation to attend a public consultation event.
  • No structural/material changes can be applied within the venue without prior approval.

6.    Equal Opportunities

  • Each event must comply with the Equality Act 2010 and Manchester City Council's commitment to deliver the best equality outcomes for the City of Manchester.

7.    Sustainability

  • All events should be designed to maximise the positive impact on local communities and economies, whilst reducing the negative impact on the environment. Manchester City Council asks that consideration is given to sustainability factors when organising an event.

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