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Speed limits in Manchester

On some roads, different speed limits apply to different classes of vehicle for safety reasons. We are able to change speed limits if we feel that they are inappropriate for some of the roads which they cover.

There is a direct link between vehicle speeds and casualties. On roads with lower vehicle speeds the number of collisions will be less and the severity of the collision will be reduced. Broadly, a 1mph reduction in speed will result in a 5% reduction in collision frequency.

30mph Limit

A speed limit of 30mph applies to a road with a system of street lighting which are no further than 200 yards (183 metres) apart. Signs are required to show the start and finish of the limit.  We have now introduced a number of 20mph speed limits in residential and built-up areas, especially where children and older people are more likely to be at risk. 

We have a poster 20s plenty, which you can print and use within your local area. 

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