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Prompt payment code

We have signed up to the Prompt Payment Code

This means that we have made a commitment to pay our suppliers or vendors on time:

  1. within the terms agreed at the outset of our contract with you (if one exists)
  2. without trying to change payment terms retrospectively
  3. without changing practice on length of payment for smaller companies on unreasonable grounds.

We're committed to paying our suppliers on time and will try to do so within 10 days of the invoice date. In return we expect suppliers will pass the benefit of early payments on to their own suppliers.

We operates a no purchase order, no payment policy

Our staff are required to issue you with a formal purchase order for any goods or services before you supply anything. If you don't get a purchase order, your invoice will be returned to you unpaid. Make sure you get a purchase order number from your contact.

If it's necessary to return an invoice to you, you will receive a letter explaining why. It will outline what action you need to take to get payment for the goods or services you have supplied. See no purchase order - no pay for further details.

Co-operating with this policy is one of the best ways to ensure that you receive payment promptly.

We can also pay you by purchase card. Payment by purchase card can mean that you can receive payment for the goods or services you have supplied within four days of delivery. If you can already accept payment from your customers by credit or debit card it is very likely that you can upgrade your facilities at very little cost to allow us to pay you in a similar way.

Contact the Finance Shared Service Centre on: 0161 219 6293 for further details if you're interested.

Complaints or Disputes

In the event of a complaint or dispute about the payment of an invoice, you should in the first instance, contact the person named on the purchase order you have received from us to find out what the problem is.

Payment could be delayed if you haven't received a purchase order or you haven't quoted it on your invoice. You will need to speak with your contact in the council to get a valid purchase order number and let the Finance Shared Service Centre know this as well as your invoice number.

There may be other reasons why the payment of your invoice is being delayed. If

  • your contact isn't able to tell you why you have not been paid
  • you're unsatisfied with the response you receive, or
  • need any further help or assistance you should contact:

Manchester City Council
Corporate Shared Service Centre
Finance Services Division
Wenlock Way
M12 5DH

Tel: 0161 219 6001

If you are still not satisfied with the response, you can complain in writing to the Head of the Finance Shared Service Centre using the email or postal address.

If you prefer, you can make a complaint online.

More information about Government's prompt payment code is on their website.

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