Manchester City Council

Business & investment Market Position Statement

We commission social care and support services for children, families and adults from many different organisations. It is essential that the services provided by these organisations meet the needs of the people in our city and are in alignment with our strategic objectives.

What is a Market Position Statement?

We see the market position statement as an increasingly important part of our relationship with the care and support sector.

We want this document to be read as a tool to spark debate, to encourage new ideas and to welcome any proposal of doing things ‘differently’. We hope that by providing clarity on the overall outcomes we wish to achieve, the types of partners we wish to work with and how interested partners can contact us, we can bring about an improved experience of working with us.

The Market Position Statement will be published, reviewed and updated regularly and we intend to provide a solid foundation for sustained change and improvement.

The Market Position Statement is available to download.

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Was this page helpful?