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The Council & democracy Publication of Supplier Transactions over £500

Background information on the spending data

In response to the Government's requirement for Local Authorities to publish new items of spending over £500, Manchester City Council is publishing data on a monthly basis from January 2011.

The information provides details of individual transactions that are over the value of £500 for the purchases of goods and services. The information is provided in .csv format for ease of use and has been taken from the Council's main ordering and payment system.

The table below explains the column headings used in the file provided.

Column Heading Explanation
Body Name Details of who is publishing the data
Service Area The part of the Council that has made the transaction
Expenses Type A cost code related description of the type of goods or services purchased
Invoice Payment Date Date on which the transaction was paid
Transaction Number A unique identifying number for each transaction
Amount The net amount, excluding VAT
Supplier Name Name of the supplier who provided goods or services in relation to the transaction

Information has been excluded or redacted from publication where:

  • The information is exempt from publication under the Data Protection Act
  • The information is personal and identifies an individual or where publication of the data can harm an individual. e.g. information related to children or vulnerable adults
  • The Freedom of Information Act exempts publication

Further information about this data can be downloaded

If you have questions relating to any of the data published, please send these to:-

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