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Social services Your care plan

If you are a child in care, your social worker will put together a ‘care plan’, which says what you need and how you’ll be looked after. Before they make this plan, they’ll talk to you, your family, your school and other people.

The care plan will be written down so you can have a copy of it. Your social worker will talk it through with you and answer any questions you may have.

The care plan will include:

  • where you’ll live 
  • who’ll look after you 
  • how they’ll look after you 
  • which school and college you’ll go to 
  • when and where you’ll see your family 
  • how we’ll keep you healthy 
  • how you can practise your religion and culture.

And, very importantly:

  • what will happen in the future, in the next few weeks and after that.

Your care plan will be updated if things change and will be looked at as part of your review.

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Was this page helpful?