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Social services Your review

A Review is a meeting we hold every few months for every young person in care. At this meeting, we’ll bring you together with the people in your life who know you well and the people working with you while you’re in care.

The idea is to see how you’re getting on, to talk about the everyday things in your life and your plans for the future. Once we know this, we can make sure your care plan is the right one to give you the best chance of being happy and settled, now and in the future.

These people go to your review:

  •  you – if you want.
  • your parents
  • your carers or key worker
  • your social worker
  • your teacher
  • your personal advisor (if you have one)
  • and sometimes other people, like the school nurse.

Your care plan will include a list of people you’d like to be invited to the review.

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