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Having a dog is a life-changing decision, and requires great thought before you commit.  The information on these pages will help you enjoy being a responsible dog owner.

Responsible dog ownership

Collar and tag:

Make sure that your dog has a collar and an identifiable tag displaying your name, address and contact number. 


It's now a legal requirement to microchip your dog. A tiny pellet is painlessly injected near the shoulders, and - when scanned - will show a unique identification number, so the owner can be found if the dog becomes lost. Most vets offer this service and some charities, may offer microchipping for free.  Authorisation is needed to access the microchip database. 

  • If you move house or change your phone number you must update the vet or organisation that inserted the chip so they can amend their records.
  • If your dog is sold or given to a new owner, you must update the vet or organisation that inserted the chip so they can amend their records. There may be a charge for this.  
  • If you can't remember who inserted the chip, get your then the dog should be scanned to check the details. Any vet or Animal Welfare officer can do this for you.  

Picking up after your dog:

Always carry poo bags when walking your dog. There are 3000 litter and dog bins throughout the city; make sure you use one when you're out and about. If you can't find a bin, carry the bag with you until you do.  

Use our online form to:  

  • Report a damaged or vandalised litter or dog bin
  • Report a litter or dog bin that needs emptying
  • Request a new dog bin (we review requests in January, April, July and October)
  • Request the removal of a dog bin (we review requests in January, April, July and October)

If the bin is on private land, you'll need to contact the landowner.

Controlling your dog in public spaces:

The majority of dog owners are responsible, however dogs that are not sufficiently under control in a public place can impact other residents’ and visitors’ enjoyment of those spaces. On 26 July 2022 we extended and varied our Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) relating to the control of dogs in public spaces across the city. The orders will remain in force until 26 July 2025, unless otherwise extended or varied, and make it an offence to:  

  • Allow a dog into an area from which dogs are excluded, such as specified children’s play areas and sports facilities  
  • Allow a dog to roam off lead on all roads, pavements, footpaths, alleyways, cemeteries and crematoria across the city and also in specified areas such as certain parks or picnic areas  
  • Take more than 4 dogs into a public place  
  • Fail to pick up dog fouling or to be able to demonstrate possession of sufficient means to pick up after a dog.  
  • Fail to put a dog on a lead at the request of an authorised officer.   

See the relevant PSPOs

For a copy of the original sealed orders, email the team at envirocrimes@manchester.gov.uk

Areas where dogs are excluded:

There are also areas that dogs are not allowed: make sure you're aware of any public spaces local to you that this applies to.



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