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The materials we have are available for loan unless the reference number starts with an R.

  1. Everett, Paul - A Roman concerto repertory: Ottoboni's 'what not'?. Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association 110 (1983-84) 62-78. Provides historical background to items of Italian origin in the Newman Flower collection with particular reference to the concerto partbooks (ref: R780.5Rw3)
  2. Everett, Paul - Vivaldi concerto manuscripts in Manchester These provide historical background and detailed analysis of the Vivaldi concerto parts (ref: R927.8Vw22):
    • I Informazioni E Studi Vivaldiani 5 (1984) 23-52
    • II Informazioni E Studi Vivaldiani 6 (1985) 3-56
    • III Informazioni E Studi Vivaldiani 7 (1986) 5-34
  3. Everett, Paul - The Manchester concerto part books (New Ed.) (New York and London, 1989) Outstanding Dissertations in Music from British Universities. In-depth analysis of the partbook manuscripts (ref: 780.89Ew251)
  4. Everett, Paul - ​Vivaldi's Four Seasons and other concertos, Op. 8 (Cambridge, 1996) Cambridge Music Handbooks. With discussion of Manchester sources (ref: 785.11Vw0991)
  5. Roberts, John H - The Aylesford Collection in Handel collections and their history Ed. by Terence Best (Oxford, 1993) 39-85. Includes chapter on the Newman Flower Collection (ref: R927.8Hd6362)
  6. Seth, Vikram - An equal music (London, 1999). Novel which uses Vivaldi's Manchester manuscripts as important background material (ref: 823SE Language and Literature Library)
  7. Talbot, Michael - Discovering Vivaldi's Manchester Sonatas Manchester Sounds 7 (2007-8) 185-193. Autobiographical account of the discovery of the manuscripts (ref: 780.942732Me0855)
  8. Talbot, Michael - Some overlooked manuscripts in Manchester. Musical Times 115 (1974) 942-944. Checklist of items of non-Handelian music in the Newman Flower Collection (ref: R780.5Mz58)
  9. Talbot, Michael (Ed.) - The Manchester violin sonatas (Madison, Wisconsin, 1976). Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era 26. Modern performing edition which includes historical background and critical notes on each sonata (ref 624.1Vw64)
  10. Talbot, Michael - Vivaldi's Manchester sonatas. Proceedings Of The Royal Musical Association 104 (1977-78) 20-29. Summarises the history and importance of Vivaldi's Manchester Violin Sonatas (ref: R780.5Rw3)
  11. Talbot, Michael - Antonio Vivaldi: A guide to research (New York, 1988). Bibliography and resource guide. Overview of relevant manuscripts held in the Henry Watson Music Library (ref: R780.81Vw81)
  12. Vivaldi, Antonio - Edizione Critica Ed. by Paul Everett and Michael Talbot (Milan, 1982-). Critical edition of Vivaldi's works includes recently discovered violin sonatas. Lending copies of the individual sonatas available at (ref: 624.1Vw ...)
  13. Vivaldi, Antonio - The four seasons from Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione. Ed. by Paul Everett and Michael Talbot (Milan, 1996) Critical Edition. Relevant volume from critical edition. Refers to recent critical research on Manchester manuscripts (ref: Q511Vw541)
  14. Vivaldi, Antonio - The four seasons. Ed. by Christopher Hogwood (Kassel-Wilhelmshohe, 2000). The Manchester/Ottoboni manuscripts presented here for the first time as the prime text for these concertos (ref: q511Vw406)
  15. Vivaldi, Antonio - The four seasons. Ed. by Christopher Hogwood (Kassel-Wilhelmshohe, 2000). Piano reduction of number 14 (ref: 624.2Vw0316)
  16. Vivaldi, Antonio - The four seasons and other violin concertos: in full score, opus 8, complete. Ed. by Eleanor Selfridge-Field (New York, 1995). With textual variants including those found in the Manchester part-books (ref: q511Vw405)
  17. Vivaldi, Antonio - Suonate a violini solo e Basso per il Cembalo (le sonata ði Manchester'). RV 3, 6, 12, 17a, 22, 754-760: Riproduzione del manoscritto di Manchester e di tutte le concordanze conosciute (mss. of Dresden, Cividale del Friuli, Udine, Venezia, Bruxelles and Graz). Ed. by Michael Talbot (Florence, 2004) Vivaldiana: Musisiche di Antonio Vivaldi in Facsimile 3 (ref: 780.89Vw (674)). This new facsimile edition incorporates the latest thinking on the sonatas. Commentary in English and Italian.
  18. Walker, A.D - George Friederic Handel: the Newman Flower collection in the Henry Watson Music Library (Manchester, 1972). Catalogue of Handelian items in the collection (ref: R780.84Me7)

Selected Recordings

Vivaldi, Antonio - Le quattro stagioni (Manchester version)
Standage, English Concert, Pinnock
Deutsche Gramophon
recorded 1983

Vivaldi, Antonio - Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione (includes the Four Seasons concertos)
Fabio Biondi, Europa Galante
Virgin Veritas
VMD 5 61980 2 (2 discs)
recorded 2000

Vivaldi, Antonio - The four seasons (Manchester version) and other works
Fabio Biondi, L'Europa Galante, 
OPUS 111
recorded 1991

Vivaldi, Antonio - 12 Violin sonatas
Romanesca, Manze (violin), North (lute, theorbo, guitar), Toll (harpsichord)
Harmonia Mundi
recorded 1992

Vivaldi, Antonio - Violin sonatas
Biondi (violin) Naddeo (cello) Pandolfo (viola da gamba) Lislevand (theorbo/guitar) Allessandrini (harpsichord)
recorded 1991

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