Parking Appealing against a ticket or fine

Appeal against a parking ticket

Before you appeal against a parking ticket please visit our parking fine portal to see a photo of the incident (allow 24 hours after the incident for images to be uploaded).

Penalty Charge Notice's (PCN/parking ticket) can lead to a debt being registered at the County Court; so they have a legal significance.

You can only make an appeal using the following methods:

Stage 1 - first line appeal

  • Make a first line informal appeal online. . .
  • If your first line appeal is successful, we will cancel the ticket and, depending on how you appealed, confirm via email or letter.
  • If your first line appeal is rejected, we will allow you 14 days from the date of our reply to pay the reduced charge.
  • If your payment is not received after 28 days, we will send the vehicle's registered keeper a Notice to Owner (NtO) stage 2 letter.

Stage 2 - Notice to Owner (NtO)

  • A NtO letter gives you a final chance to pay the ticket. Visit our parking fine portal to pay.
  • Stage 2 representations should only be completed if you have received your Notice to Owner (NtO). To make a representation, visit our parking fine portal to make a  representation.
  • Alternatively you can write to Parking Services at:
    PO Box 532, Manchester, M60 3NZ
  • If your representation is successful, we will cancel the ticket.
  • If you are unhappy with our response, we will send you a Notice of Rejection letter and you can then appeal online to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT).

The TPT is an independent organisation. A lawyer will examine your case and any decision that is made is final and binding on both sides. The TPT will not charge you to appeal.

Stage 3 - Charge Certificate

  • If you lose your representation or do not pay the Notice to Owner, within 28 days, you will receive a Charge Certificate, this will increase the charge by 50%.  This equates to £105 for Higher Charge Contraventions or £75 for Lower Charge Contraventions. You have no further right to appeal at this stage.

If you do not pay, we will register the charge as a debt at the County Court. The debt will then be placed with Certified Bailiffs who will take responsibility for collecting the debt owed to the Council. This will add further costs to the charge.

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