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Single use plastics (SUPs)

We have committed to stop using avoidable Single Use Plastics (SUPs) in Manchester by the end of 2024.  


SUPs are the plastic items designed for one-time use. Examples include:

  • takeaway drink cups and lids
  • drink bottles
  • cutlery
  • bin bags
  • plastic straws
  • lots of packaging.

Some single use plastics are unavoidable, such as Personal Protective Equipment. But we’re talking about avoidable SUPs. These are non-essential or non-reusable options.   

UK law changed in October 2023. More SUP items are now banned in the UK. In Manchester, we want to go further than this, and stop using all avoidable SUPs.  

What we’re doing

We have developed a SUP Action Plan. This is helping us to make changes that reduce the use of SUPs. We’ll review the products we buy and ask café operators on our sites to use alternatives. We’re making these changes in our buildings and at our markets. We’re also raising awareness to make sure everyone knows why they should choose to stop using SUPs. 

The option to refill reusable containers will make a huge difference. Manchester is now an official Refill Destination.

It is up to us all to make changes. Shopping with less SUPs is possible. Here is some further reading on how to reduce plastic waste in our everyday lives: 

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