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The Council & democracy Policy for the distribution and display of leaflets and posters in Manchester Libraries

Display and distribution guide

We do our best to distribute and display leaflets and posters from outside organisations free of charge as a service to our customers. However, because this is a free service, we can offer no guarantee that materials will be displayed in any specific location for any specified length of time. Please read the guidelines below to check your materials are suitable for display in libraries. Please note that print materials which do not meet these criteria will not be displayed and cannot be returned.

We will distribute and display leaflets and posters from outside organisations free of charge as a service to our users. However there is no guarantee that specific material will be displayed or for how long, nor as to any specific location for specific material.


Priority for display will be given to:

  • Statutory notices that we are required by law to display - e.g. notices of elections
  • Material informing users of their rights and of services and benefits available to them through this and other City Council Departments, Central Government Departments and other agencies working in partnership with these.
  • Manchester Library and Information Service services, courses and events
  • Services, courses and events organised by other Manchester City Council Departments
  • Notices relating to publicly subsidised or Manchester City Council sponsored cultural and educational activities in Manchester
  • Public transport information
  • Health and consumer information
  • Local (to particular libraries) activities, courses and events
  • Greater Manchester activities, courses and events
  • Regional/national activities, courses and events that pertain directly to Manchester
  • Information about religious meetings or events
  • TV shows and production companies seeking audience members or participants

We will not display:

  • Advertising material produced by individuals or businesses to sell or promote products or services other than local entertainment - e.g. shows, theatres and cinemas
  • Advertising or campaigning material produced by political, charitable or single issue pressure groups which are not in accordance with Manchester City Council policies or objectives

  • Material that is primarily fund raising. Notices announcing local events, e.g. school fetes, that may be fundraising are permitted, sponsorship appeals for charities in line with Manchester City Council policies are permitted, but simple 'give us your money' publicity is not acceptable
  • Material that solicits signatures for a petition other than for official Manchester City Council petitions

  • Material produced by groups, organisations or political parties not in agreement with the City Council anti-racist and equal opportunities policies
  • Material that is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory.
  • Material that is in any way obscene or offensive.
  • Any material displayed without consent will be removed.

Notices and Posters

Notices and posters should not be:

  • Hand written
  • Supplied by fax
  • Supplied by email

Notices and posters should be:

  • Clean, legible and spelt correctly
  • On good quality paper
  • Laminated where possible, but please note that Manchester Library and Information Service cannot provide this service
  • Maximum of A3 in size, although A4 is preferred. (Smaller posters are more likely to be displayed than larger ones)
  • Marked up with the contact name address and phone number

Notices and posters will be:

  • Dated on arrival so that they can be removed after the event on the poster or after four weeks if no date is specified on the poster. Permanent display of posters is only permitted for certain statutory and official items. We reserve the right to display items for less than four weeks depending on space and demand
  • Removed if faded, defaced or damaged


No more than 50 leaflets should be supplied for each library, pre-bundled in packs.

You you can send notices, leaflets and posters to:

Central Library
St Peter's Square
M2 5DP

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