The Council and democracy Manchester Digital Strategy 2021 – 2026


From the work we have undertaken to understand the needs of the sector, the people and organisations who live in the city and the substantial range of data and information available, we can start to categorise our information under four headings aligned to Manchester’s Local Industrial Strategy and Powering Recovery: 


Including skills, access to technology, inclusion, and participation. 


Including technology and digital infrastructure, connectivity, and liveability. 


Including the digital economy, Manchester’s digital ecosystem, economic resilience and technology across all sectors. 


Including climate change, net-zero and the use of infrastructure, technology and services as a utility not just a commodity. 

We have used these to create four overarching themes for the Digital Strategy: 

  1. Smart people: We will ensure that everyone can gain and sustain the skills, aspirations, and confidence to fully participate in the digital world; providing the basis for Manchester to become an inclusive, diverse, successful and ethical smart city. 
  2. Digital places: We will create digital neighbourhoods providing access, connectivity and support for all residents and businesses and digitally enabling enhanced health and wellbeing. 
  3. Future prosperity: We will enable the digital economy and ecosystem to grow, continue to attract new digital businesses & sectors and support a resilient and inclusive economy. 
  4. Sustainable resilience: We will use digital imaginatively for innovation to meet zero carbon and climate resilience goals and to create open inclusive connectivity with enhanced digital infrastructure as a utility not just a commodity. 

These objectives are intended to work together. While Smart People is about our residents and workers and Digital Places is about Manchester itself, Future Prosperity is about connecting and harnessing our people and place themes to make sure they are truly beneficial to people, businesses and organisations in Manchester. Finally, Sustainable Resilience links the digital strategy to Manchester’s zero-carbon commitments, as well as considering how we plan for and respond to the changing nature of technology and digital services in the future. It is intended to keep Manchester at the forefront of technological change in a way that is sustainable and accessible to everyone. 

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