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Strategic Context

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Manchester’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out the ambition of partners to achieve a major shift in the focus of services towards prevention of problems and intervening early to prevent existing problems getting worse.  The Strategy sets out a number of priorities covering the key areas in which the Health and Wellbeing Board feel that progress can be made, measured and monitored to improve outcomes for the adult population of the city.

Manchester Health and Care Commisioning

On 01 April 2017 the way health and social care services are commissioned in Manchester changed.  This was part of long-term work to join up care and bring it closer to people’s homes.  Firstly, the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), of North, Central and South Manchester merged to form NHS Manchester CCG.  Secondly, the new NHS Manchester CCG has entered into a partnership arrangement with Manchester City Council to create a single commissioning function for health and social care. This single function, called Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, will make better use of resources, and help with joining up and improving services.

Manchester's Locality Plan

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning is dedicated to achieving Manchester’s Locality Plan (‘A Healthier Manchester’).  This sets out a clear vision for the health and social care system in the city. You can find out more by visiting the Healthier Manchester website.

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