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We and the National Literacy Trust have joined forces to create Read Manchester, a campaign to promote reading and boost literacy throughout the city.

The campaign will bring together a range of communities and partners, including parents and other family members, teachers, and schools, local businesses, voluntary organisations, libraries, museums, universities, book shops, housing associations and GPs.

Evidence shows that reading is the foundation for success in education and employment. Reading enables children to do well at school and in later life develop broader skills and lead healthy, happy lives.

Read Manchester will focus on:

  • celebrating the enjoyment of reading in our communities;
  • supporting young children, because the early years of a child’s life can shape their life forever;
  • supporting reading in schools; and 
  • working with businesses to boost their involvement in reading in the city.

What to look out for:

  • a programme of activities and events for all, including author and storytelling events;
  • community and library events including community book swaps;
  • bookstart activities in Sure Start Children’s Centres;
  • initiatives to encourage dads to read with their children;
  • family learning activities; and
  • a city wide trail of our iconic BookBenches in summer 2017.

How to find out more:

  • check the Read Manchester website which includes tips on how to get started, news and success stories, and more information about the campaign; and 
  • use the #ReadMCR on twitter to share your reading moments and see how the campaign is growing.

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Was this page helpful?