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The license agreement

As with any housemate you have to be considerate of the person you live with. To help you both with this, we give you a licence agreement, which is similar to a tenancy agreement if you had your own place.

If we, or the person you live with, feel the Supported Lodgings placement is not working because you are not respecting their home or you break the licence agreement, we have a three-warnings system, similar to a job or when you have your own flat. We will meet you to discuss problems and always listen to your side of the story.

The three-warnings system is:

  1. The person you live with social worker will tell you that you have got a warning and why.
  2. You will receive a letter with your second warning on.
  3. You will receive 28 days notice to move out.

Things in the agreement include:

  • You must be respectful of other people’s personal belongings.
  • You have to be in full-time work or education.
  • Let the person you live with know where you are if you’re staying out.
  • You must smoke outside.
  • Ask permission from the person you live with before inviting friends over that they do not know.
  • Loud music must not be played late at night.
  • No big meals should be cooked late at night.
  • Do not swear or use inappropriate language.
  • No drugs are allowed in the house.

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Was this page helpful?