Council tax What your council tax pays for

A list of some of the local services that your council tax helps pay for

The Council Tax you pay, which makes up 26.2% of total council income, goes towards the cost of providing a wide range of services for the people of Manchester. These include:

  • Youth services 
  • Libraries
  • Parks, open spaces and galleries 
  • Leisure facilities, including swimming pools and recreation centres 
  • Social care for the elderly, children and other vulnerable members of the community 
  • Support for the voluntary sector 
  • Planning and building control 
  • Refuse collection, street cleaning and other environmental issues 
  • Maintenance of roads and bridges 
  • Traffic management and road safety 
  • Parking services and control 
  • Elections, registrars of births, marriages and deaths 
  • Cemeteries, crematoria and mortuary services 
  • Consumer protection 
  • Economic development and regeneration 
  • Community development services 
  • Housing, including the provision of social housing, housing strategy and advice and services for the homeless 
  • Housing Benefits and Council Tax administration.

The Council is also responsible for schools and other educational services for children but these are paid for through the Dedicated Schools Grant. This is a grant from the Government and does not fall on the Council Tax.

For a detailed breakdown of spending on Manchester City Council Services in 2020/21 we have produced a leaflet called Council Tax - The year ahead.

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