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Owning a home could be cheaper than you think

Before you start: Home ownership may not be the only way for you to get a home; before you start, see how to increase your housing options.

Shared ownership

Many people can't afford to buy a home on the open market. It can be an expensive commitment.

But there are some interesting new ways to help bring home-owning within reach. For example a 'shared ownership' scheme means you buy a share of a property, and pay rent to a not-for-profit organisation for the remaining share.

The best place for information about schemes like this is an organisation called Plumlife. They've been appointed by the government as the leading not-for-profit agency offering low-cost homes s in our area.

The chance to buy

Plumlife say: "We offer help to those who cannot afford a property with just a commercially-available mortgage.

"In general, we can offer people who meet the necessary criteria, the chance to buy a home for between 25% and 75% of its market value. We own the rest of the property and charge you rent on this proportion. This works out cheaper than buying 100% . . . and you can buy more of your home later, when you can afford it."

Plumlife have a whole host of other schemes, all designed to help people get into home ownership. Find our more on the Plumlife website.


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