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Apply for a property inspection

You can apply for an inspection if:

  • you are the sponsor of the person(s) coming to the UK
  • the person(s) will arrive in the UK within the next 12 weeks
  • the property does not share a bathroom or kitchen with another household, unless they are from the same family as the person(s) coming to the UK
  • you can provide a current gas safety certificate from the landlord if it is a rented home
  • the property is safe, in a good state of repair and has proper kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • the property you intend to live in is owned, or lived in exclusively by you and your family (applications received for rented accommodation that is shared with members of another family will not be accepted)
  • you agree to send a confirmation letter to the appropriate authority to support the application.

The inspection fee is £150 and is valid for 12 weeks prior to the immigrant entering the UK.  Once the confirmation letter has expired a further inspection and fee is required.

If you complete the form and do not meet the conditions we can not refund your payment.

Make sure all details are correct when you complete the form (including names and dates of birth) as this information is contained within the confirmation letter which the sponsor sends with the visa application to the UK Border Agency.

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Was this page helpful?