Homes and property Structural issues in private accommodation

What to do with a dangerous building?

You should report a dangerous building or structure that presents a serious and immediate threat to public safety.

Examples of buildings that may present a serious and immediate threat to public safety include, buildings in immediate danger of collapse, building elements that are insecure and in danger of falling.

For all other structural issues that are of concern these should first be taken up with the owner or the person responsible for the building.

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In it is a rented property, then the landlord is always responsible for external and major structural repairs. You, as the tenant, are usually responsible for internal decoration and for making sure that fixtures, fittings, furniture and other contents are not damaged because of your negligence.

If you are a tenant your landlord is responsible for fixing the problem, contact your landlord first to inform them and agree when the work can be carried out, give them the opportunity to resolve the problem before contacting us. If you're having problems dealing with your landlord follow these steps.

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