Manchester City Council

Homes & property Problems in a neighbouring property

We may be help you sort out this problem. But you must take these steps first. We will ask for evidence that you have done this.

Step 1. Speak to your neighbour, and explain how the problem in their property is affecting your home.

Step 2. If you have done this, and nothing has happened after two weeks, ask them in writing for a response. Keep a copy of your letter or email.

Step 3. If they do nothing within another two weeks, gather evidence showing how the problem has affected you. This will help prove that you have done as much as you can before contacting us.

Examples of evidence include:

  • photographs
  • copies of any letters sent to or received from your neighbour
  • receipts, reports or bills from professionals who've looked at the problem and 
  • a note from a doctor if the problem is affecting someone's health.

Step 4. Tell your neighbour that you will contact the Council within 48 hours if they don't do anything.

Step 5. If nothing happens after 48 hours, report the problem to us.

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Was this page helpful?