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Parking outside schools

If a vehicle is parked on a school keep-clear zigzag, then a Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) can be issued at £70.  

Parking on school keep-clear zigzags is dangerous and illegal. They are there to protect the safety of your children. Vehicles that park on school keep-clear zigzags can obstruct the vision of children, making it dangerous when they are crossing the road.  

Parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time of the day. Parking on single yellow lines is not permitted at certain times of the day and the time plate will tell you when you cannot park. Yellow line parking restrictions are in place for a reason, and at schools this is to promote safety for pupils and other road users.  

We have the power to remove vehicles, where a vehicle is parked on a parking restriction, causing a danger or obstruction, the vehicle may be removed at a cost to the owner of £105 plus a PCN. 

Drivers sometimes park across a dropped kerb or tactile crossing. There is no need for yellow lines or time plates at these locations, as it is automatically a parking offence that can result in the vehicle being removed. This includes parking adjacent to a resident’s dropped kerb, and obstructing access or egress from a driveway. The resident is able to request that we issues a PCN, and where necessary we can authorise the vehicle to be removed.  

We can also issue a PCN to vehicles that park on the pavement where there are parking restrictions adjacent on the highway. Parking on the pavement is inconvenient and dangerous to pedestrians, wheelchair users, and parents with pushchairs, who may have to step into the road to pass the parked vehicle. Where the pavement is obstructed the CEO can authorise the vehicle to be removed.  

PCN’s can be affixed to a vehicle, but if the vehicle leaves before the PCN is completed, then the officer is able to progress the PCN by post. Vehicles parked on school keep-clear zigzags can also be issued a £70 PCN in the post by a CCTV.

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