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The Eastlands resident parking scheme replaces the Etihad scheme that has operated on matchdays close to the Manchester City stadium for several years. This is required due to the new Co-Op Arena, a 23,500-capacity indoor arena next to the Etihad Stadium. The Eastlands scheme operates midday-11pm every day to ensure residents and their visitors can park close to their property while still permitting short-stay parking (up to 90-minutes) for visitors to the many shops and businesses in the area.

Parking Restrictions

‘Past This Point’ streets
Many streets in the area are restricted to parking for permit holders only – vehicles with a permit may be parked anywhere on these streets. We have also provided parking bays where we can, which allow up to 90-minutes parking for non-permit holders (see below for further detail on parking bays). ‘Past This Point’ streets are indicated by a sign on entrance, like that shown below. Outside of midday to 11pm there is no restriction on parking in these streets or requirement for a permit.

Parking sign that states 'Permit holders parking only past this point midday to 11pm, except in signed bays.

Parking bays
We have provided parking bays in many places, both in 'Past this Point' streets and other street, where permit holders can park for an unlimited amount of time. Non-permit holders can park in these bays for up to 90 minutes. This is indicated by a sign beside the bay, like that shown below. Outside of midday to 11pm there is no restriction on parking in these bays or requirement for a permit.

Parking sign that states 'Midday to 11pm permit holders or 90 mins No return within 90 mins'

There are areas marked with double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) where parking is not permitted. There are also white 'Access Highlight Markings', also known as 'H-Bars' that indicate where access should be kept clear, for example in front of private driveways, even if they are placed within a parking bay.

Your resident or business permit is only valid for your vehicles’ registration number – it is not transferable. If you change your car, you must log in and change your vehicle's details (you'll need to upload supporting evidence.) Visitor permit registration can be entered online and changed as required. We will withdraw misused permits and may take further action.

You don't need a permit for normal loading and unloading taking up to 45 minutes unless separate loading restrictions are indicated. But deliverers must then move on if they don't have a permit.

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