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How we manage roads during winter

When we get long periods of snow and ice,  we will work with your local councillors and community to decide on the things they want to do as a priority to enable people's daily lives to continue as normal as possible.

We will help deliver these priorities, which could include things like clearing snow or helping vulnerable people with their shopping or putting their bins out.  Volunteering makes a real difference in the community, if you would like to register to be a community volunteer please contact your Neighbourhood Manager

There are no specific laws stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavements outside your property, pathways to your property or public spaces. If an accident did happen, it is highly unlikely that you would be sued as long as you make sure you do not make the pavement or pathway more dangerous than before.

People using areas covered by snow and ice have to be mindful of their own safety.


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Was this page helpful?