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Terms for joining the forum

The purpose of the Walking and Cycling Forum (the Forum) is to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in active travel and access matters in Manchester to meet with representatives of the City Council to discuss strategic issues of common interest. Such discussions will often follow the format of presentations from speakers or workshops on issues generally related to active travel and access. Through these discussions it is hoped to
help shape the strategic approach to the active travel agenda in the city not only to move it forward but so that active travel modes become the norm, particularly for shorter journeys. The Forum will act as a conduit to communicate and raise awareness of issues, concerns, projects, etc in a public setting.

The Forum are meetings facilitated by Manchester's active travel lead, supported by the officers of the council to listen to the interests/issues/priorities of those who actively travel on Manchester’s roads, footways and cycleways.
It is not intended that the Forum will deal with detailed issues such as specific scheme design proposals or maintenance issues, nor matters of local traffic enforcement but to discuss a range of general, wider issues that impact on the journeys that people take. There is a consultation process for each proposed scheme coming forward and the Forum does not act as a duplication or alternative to this process. A brief overview of ongoing or proposed projects may be provided for information and awareness raising purposes at the quarterly meeting subject to staff availability but this is subsidiary to the strategic discussions.

Terms of Reference

The purpose of this document is to define clear guidelines about the way in which the Forum will work and operate. It is intended to be used as a reference for Forum Members and sets out the principles of how they should conduct the business of the Forum. The Forum meets on a quarterly basis with everyone being welcome to attend.

Forum values and beliefs

The Forum will adhere to a common set of values:

  • Commitments to equality of opportunity for all people, regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
  • All Forum members are accountable for their actions. All actions must work to core principles of fairness, integrity, objectivity, openness, honesty and leadership.
  • Effective communication to increase awareness around any proposed scheme where the main purpose is the improvement of active travel.
  • Include basic principles such as equity and openness.
  • The Forum is a non-political body.

Forum responsibilities

Although the Forum is resourced and chaired by representatives of Manchester City Council it has no formal responsibilities and is not a decision-making body but an informal discussion  group for those with an interest in active travel. Council resources in this instance relate purely to staff time.

Members and Chairperson

The Forum is chaired by the Councils’ Lead for Active Travel, who is an elected member, and organised by council officers. Any resident with an interest in, or any organisation with involvement in, the active travel and access for all agenda will be welcome to attend.

The Forum will first and foremost be a vehicle for Manchester residents to express their views on active travel. People who live outside Manchester who walk, cycle or move around within Manchester are also welcome to participate in the Forum.

The Forum will be inclusive and open for a wide number of partners and members of the public. Those wishing to be included on the Forum’s mailing list to be informed of future meetings and related events can contact the council at

Responsibilities of membership - members should have a commitment to the purpose of the Forum.

Forum meetings

  • Forum meetings will be the principle mechanism for conducting business of the Forum, although some business may need to be undertaken between meetings using e-mail.
  • The Forum will meet quarterly
  • Forum meeting agendas are often set at least two months in advance of the meeting due to the time it can take to arrange and agree speakers to present items. Appropriate items and speakers for the agenda are received from a number of sources including the officer initiatives, the Forward Plan, matters arising (such as the publication of strategies or the announcement of funding opportunities) and through organisation or member requests.
  • Members and organisations can request items to be included on an agenda for a future meeting by either emailing the forum email address (, through the AOB section of the Forum meeting or through a periodic separate item at a meeting to gather ideas. All such requests are added to a list of future topics that are used to formulate the Forward Plan. There is limited time available at meetings and therefore it may not be possible to include all requested items at the next available meeting depending on what other items have already been included/arranged, availability of speakers, etc.. Agenda items will need to relate to the wider, strategic aims of enhancing active travel and access for all. Items that promote commercial enterprises in terms of brand, products or services will not be considered appropriate.
  • Any presentations for agenda items need to be forwarded in a Powerpoint format to the organising officer at the close of play on the Friday the week before the meeting. 
  • Members are able to raise matters at the meeting at the discretion of the chair.
  • The agenda and any relevant papers will normally be circulated approximately a week in advance of a Forum meeting. Informal notes and action points will be taken at the meeting, and will normally be circulated within four weeks of the meeting taking place. It is the responsibilities of officers to respond to action points associated with them.

Confidential information disclosure

Meeting notes and information relating to the business of the Forum will be made publicly available on request. However, it is recognised that in certain circumstances information provided at the Forum may be considered confidential. It is important that any such requests for confidentiality are clearly communicated within the Forum and is respected by members. Members must not disclose such confidential information to any parties outside the Forum, unless authorised consent has been given by the originator of the information

Attendances at the Forum are noted for monitoring purposes.

Forum Values

Forum members are expected to maintain and promote the highest standards of conduct and integrity in relation to their behaviour during Forum meetings. All members, and other people present be it officers or presenters, have the right to be treated with fairness, equity and without discrimination or harassment. This right is irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion, colour, marital status, sexuality, or any disability. Members must not conduct
themselves in any way that might be reasonably regarded as likely to bring the Forum into disrepute. 

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