Parks, leisure and the arts Management of our allotment sites

Shared facilities

Our allotment rules apply to all tenants and all other users and visitors on our sites. 

Paths and boundaries 

  • boundary paths between plots are communal and access must not be obstructed 
  • adjoining half plots held by the same tenant should be clearly defined as individual plots 
  • paths between plots must be maintained by the tenant; for the avoidance of doubt this means the paths to the left and front of each plot 
  • the plot number must be displayed and kept clearly visible. 

Security, keys and gates 

  • At the start of the tenancy you will be provided with an access key to your allotment site. 
  • you may be charged for replacement keys if you lose it 
  • if the lock or gate is damaged contact us and we will replace it as soon as possible.  

At all sites, you should feel safe and secure whilst gardening. If at any time this is not the case, or you are challenged on site by a non-tenant.

Water supply 

An annual water charge is currently part of your rental agreement. Water is provided at most sites through standpipes and we expect everyone to respect that it is a shared water supply. 

We encourage you to construct and use water saving structures to gather rainwater. Most often this will reduce the distance you have to travel on site to collect water for your plot. 

  • you should only use the standpipes and taps supplied or your own stored rainwater; you should turn off all taps before leaving the plot 
  • hosepipes cannot be attached to the standpipes and taps supplied on allotment sites; sprinklers are not permitted 
  • do not connect any permanent piping to a tap or mains pipe - connections that are made into the water supply by tenants are illegal and will result in the instant termination of their tenancy   
  • if you fail to abide by these rules you risk your tenancy being terminated. 

Leaking tap/pipe 

If you identify a serious water leak please try and turn the water off at the mains and report the leak to us using our contact form as soon as possible so that we can arrange to have the leak fixed.  


We encourage allotment holders to compost on site any green waste materials created on their allotment plot.  

It is important to create small contained heaps as larger compost heaps provide a habitat for vermin. 

Any tenant found bring garden waste onto the allotment from elsewhere will be putting their allotment tenancy at risk of being terminated. 

The council does not deliver compost or bark chippings to any site, any that are brought to site must be not be offloaded into communal areas in a way that causes an obstruction. 

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