The Council and democracy Census 2021 - Migration Summary

447,364 residents live at the same address in March 2021 as they had a year earlier (81%), compared to 393,949 residents (78%) at the same address as a year earlier in 2011. 

Migration status Number of residents
Total: All usual residents     545,356
Address one year ago is the same as the address of enumeration   447,364
Address one year ago is student term-time or boarding school address in the UK     12,519
Migrant from within the UK: Address one year ago was in the UK   72,814
Migrant from outside the UK: Address one year ago was outside the UK     12,659

31% of residents were born outside the UK. 

After those born in the UK, the second highest region of birth is the Middle East and Asia (52,085 residents), as in 2011. 

386,997 have a UK passport (70%), 105,865 have a non-UK passport and 59,076 do not (11%) have a passport.  

In 2011, 348,887 (69%) residents had a UK passport, 76,706 had a non-UK passport and 77,534 (15.4%) had no passport.

Area of birth Number of residents
Total: All usual residents     551,937
Europe     428,451
Africa     37,872
Middle East and Asia     75,297
The Americas and the Caribbean     8,821
Antarctica and Oceania (including Australasia) and Other     977
British Overseas     519


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