Taxis and private hire Advertise on a licensed vehicle

Application, guidance notes and terms and condition

You will need to read the advertisement policy before submitting a request to advertise on a licensed vehicle. 

Permission in writing is required if you want to advertise on a Manchester licensed hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.  Request for permission must be made at least 10 working days before the start date of the advertising campaign. There is currently no fee but this is under review.

Attachments required

  • Full colour copy of the requested advert, showing a vehicle and where the advert will be placed on the vehicle i.e. full livery (wrap), half sides, doors etc.

Once permission is granted and vehicle contracts are made you must supply us with - A list of the vehicle(s) the advert will be placed on in a spreadsheet to

The spreadsheet must include:

  • name of the advertisement campaign 
  • MCC unique (TA) reference number
  • vehicle registration number  
  • vehicle plate number
  • length on contract
  • start and end date of contract
  • number of advertisements likely to be put on vehicle (ie if a 6 month contract and supersede only) 
  • what type of advert ie wrap/ supersides

Vehicle proprietors should also be supplied with a contract in writing that includes the details from the spreadsheet.

Vehicle requirements

  • Advertisements should only be fitted to vehicles whose bodywork is at the required standard Vehicle Inspection Manual
  • Wraps/supersides should only be fitted to vehicles with no advertisements on. 
  • Wraps should not be fitted on top of other wraps.

Validity and renewals 

  • A contract cannot simply be extended to avoid the inspection of the body work, an inspection needs to be done at the end of a contract and before renewal.
  • All ‘Full Adverts’ (wraps) must be removed when a contract ends and vehicle body work inspected at Lawton Street Garage.
  • At the end of a ‘Supersedes’ contract the vehicle body work should be inspected and any defective paintwork brought back to an acceptable standard as stated in the Vehicle Inspection Manual. 

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