Benefits and support Report Council Tax fraud

We help some people with their council tax in different ways:

  • Council tax support: where we pay towards their bill based on their income, size of their family, who lives with them and the amount they have to pay.
  • Discounts: we reduce the amount they have to pay, such as some people living alone.
  • Exemptions: some properties are exempt from Council Tax because they are left unoccupied by the owner; for example if they are away studying.

People may be committing council tax fraud if they:

  • Are working but do not tell us;
  • Say they live alone when they do not;
  • Claim at an address where they do not live;
  • Say they are a student when they are not;
  • Live in a house they say is empty; or
  • Do not tell us about their full income, savings or capital.

Read our policy on when we prosecute for fraud

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Was this page helpful?

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