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Homes & property Appeal against a rehousing decision

We set our rehousing rules to be fair and equal to everyone who applies for a home.

The more urgently you need a home, and the longer you have been registered, the more likely you'll to be offered something - depending on the areas you want, and the type of home you ask for.

You can ask us to look at the application again if you're unhappy with a decision we made.

How to appeal

You must do this in writing to:

  • the local housing team that holds your application (if you applied through the City Council). The address is on any letter we sent you about rehousing. Or contact Northwards Housing on 03000 123 123, or
  • the organisation you applied through - such as a housing association

Explain why you're unhappy with the decision and why you want it to be looked at again. If necessary also include any relevant information about your circumstances that you did not give originally.

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Was this page helpful?