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What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST) and is aimed at safeguarding and supporting individuals who are vulnerable to radicalisation, to prevent them for becoming involved in terrorist activities or supporting terrorism.  

Home Office video - An introduction to Prevent 


COVID 19 restrictions led to the partial closure of schools, colleges and universities across the country as well as many medical and care facilities providing only remote or essential/urgent services limiting contact between medical professionals and patients. This resulted in people having less face to face contact with family, friends and professionals and many people spent more time online.  

Whilst the majority of the restrictions have been lifted, the risk of radicalisation has not reduced, with people spending more time online leading to the possibility of increased exposure to online terrorist content and influences as groomers look to exploit feelings of stress and isolation among vulnerable individuals.  


The country is now seeing further challenges with higher cost of living resulting in financial hardship which could further weaken protective factors.  


To ensure that individuals vulnerable to radicalisation are given the safeguarding support that they need, priorities for the Government during this period include: 

  • encouraging people to practice digital safety so that vulnerable individuals are less exposed to online harms 

  • increasing awareness of the signs of radicalisation, enabling people to make informed choices 

  • and signposting parents, carers, family and friends to Prevent, or other appropriate safeguarding services. 


Therefore, the Prevent Partnership in Manchester requests us all to be aware of the increased risk of radicalisation. The Lets Talk About It website provides information about: 

  • What is Prevent 

  • Spotting the Signs 

  • Staying Safe Online  

  • Support  

  • Resources