Parking Loading and unloading

What is loading

There is an exemption in some Traffic Orders to allow vehicles to stop to load or unload, often on single or double yellow lines. However, use of a vehicle must be necessary, and while you can load or unload for as long as it takes, your vehicle must be moved immediately after you have finished loading or unloading.

Loading or unloading is observed.  A Civil Enforcement Officer may issue a parking ticket, if the loading or unloading is not reasonable. This will be done in accordance with the Traffic Order exemption.

Where can I load and unload?

Goods vehicles loading only Mon - Sat 10am - 4pmLoading only 10am - 4pm


There are 2 types of Loading bays, one, which any vehicle is permitted to use and the other which is restricted to 'Goods Vehicles only' (see the examples above).

The operational times of Loading Bays vary.

Never load or unload:

  • on white zigzags at either side of a pedestrian crossing.
  • during the hours of a loading restriction (identified by kerb blips and nearby signs).
  • where the signs state 'no stopping', for example at bus stops, taxi ranks, school markings and disabled bays.

 A breach of these rules can result in a fine of up to £70.00.

See our full list of parking and loading contraventions

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