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Manchester Arena attack

Manchester is sharing its sympathy and our thoughts are with everyone affected, especially those who have lost loved ones or been injured and traumatised.

Sign the online book of condolence.


Homes & property The Manchester renting pledge

Signing the pledge is a way to show your commitment to better private renting.

If you're a landlord or agent 

If you can make these commitments, you can sign the Manchester Renting Pledge. It's a great way to show tenants, and potential tenants, that you're determined to be a good landlord.

  1. I will protect the tenant’s deposit: through an approved deposit protection scheme.
  2. I will supply a written tenancy agreement: it will include the rent and other charges, how to pay, the length of the tenancy and how it can be ended, a list of the contents and their condition, and who pays bills and council tax.
  3. I will provide a safe, comfortable, well-maintained home: it will have a gas safety certificate, annual gas checks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and an energy performance certificate.
  4. I will give contact details and notice: including emergency numbers and 24 hours notice if I'm visiting. 
  5. I will do repairs promptly: if there’s a risk to the tenant or the property, I will deal with it straight away, and will carry out urgent repairs within a few working days. 
  6. I will deal with antisocial behaviour and nuisance: if my tenant is troubled by other people's behaviour, of if other people complain about my tenant, I will deal with it quickly.
  7. I will look after the outside: I will keep the exterior and outside areas of the building in good condition.
  8. If I'm an agent I will be a member of a redress scheme
  9. I will consider joining a professional organisation: such as the National Landlords Association, Residential Landlords Association, Association of Residential Lettings Agents, Association of Residential Managing Agents, Manchester Student Homes.

If you rent your home

If you can make these commitments, you can sign up to the Manchester Renting Pledge. It's a great way to show private landlords that you're determined to be a good tenant.

  1. I will pay my rent on time: even if I have a dispute with my landlord.
  2. I will look after my home: I will tell the landlord straight away if I need a repair; and get their permission if I want to make improvements or do my own repairs.
  3. I will be a good neighbour: I will keep noise down, and keep the area around my home clean and tidy.

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