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How to apply

There may be a waiting list for a plot at your chosen allotment site, priority will be given to Manchester residents first.

When you are offered a plot you will need to sign a simple tenancy agreement, which sets out your rights and responsibilities.


The rent is charged as an annual fee and is banded in three tiers depending on site:

  • Class A 23p per m² (19p per square yard)
  • Class B 22p per m² (18.5p per square yard)
  • Class C 20p per m² (17p per square yard)

Full sized plots vary between 167m² - 334m² (200yds² - 400yds²) £38.41 - £76.82 for a class A plot. There are a limited number of smaller plots and plots with raised bed access for disabled access.

If you are interested in applying for an allotment read our plotholders' guide

If you have an enquiry, which is not covered in the above information, please email

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