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Councillor Sheila Newman

Our sympathies are with the family and friends of Councillor Sheila Newman, Executive Member for Children’s Services and current Lady Mayoress of Manchester, who passed away on Sunday.

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Social services Your social worker

Every Council, including us, has to have social workers for children and families. In Manchester, they’re part of a department called the Children’s and Families Directorate. They work in teams run by a team manager. Together, they’ll make some of the important choices that affect your life and run some of the meetings about them.

So it’s not just you. Every young person in care has to have a named social worker who will make sure they’re well looked after and take a special interest in them. 

You will have your own social worker and, together with your carers, they will:

  • give you the help you need 
  • protect you from harm 
  • treat you with respect 
  • ask what you think about things 
  • help you take part in decisions about your life. 

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