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What happens when your social worker visits

Your Social worker will spend time alone with you as well as talking to your carers. They will:

  • listen carefully to you and what you want to happen
  • make sure they understand what you need
  • help you make choices about where you live
  • explain why and how things will happen
  • help to make sure you enjoy school and get any help you need with learning.

They’ll want to know how you feel about everything. If you’re worried, scared or unhappy, they’ll do their best to find out why and sort it out.

Because they know how important it is for you to keep in touch with your family and friends, they’ll tell them how you’re getting on in care and arrange for you to see them if you want to.

If the plan is for you to go home to your family, your social worker will work with them to make this happen.

If you need to talk to your Social worker, you can call them or ask your carer to get in touch with them.

You might also meet your Social worker’s Team Manager. They are there to make sure the Social workers are doing a good job and to help them make important decisions.

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Was this page helpful?