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Article 4 directions

Article 3 of the General Permitted Development Order 1995 grants planning permission for a series of classes of development described as permitted development in Schedule 2 of the Order.

There are a variety of types of development that are considered to have a limited impact and do not justify the making of a planning application. A whole series of built developments are included, ranging from householder schemes to industrial and agricultural proposals, telecommunication apparatus and infrastructure works by statutory undertakers, as well as certain changes of use.

However, by a Direction under Article 4 of the Order a local planning authority can restrict the scope of the permitted development rights in relation to defined areas. Its effect is to require an application to be made for express permission for development proposals.

If that permission is refused, or granted subject to conditions other than those in the Order, the landowner is entitled under the 1990 Act, s.107 to claim compensation for abortive expenditure and any loss or damage caused by the loss of rights.

Manchester currently has an Article 4 Direction removing permitted development rights for change of use from a Class C3 dwellinghouse to a Class C4 house in multiple occupation across the City.

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