Planning and regeneration Additional Planning Guidance

Environmental information for developers

Within this section you will find details on:

  • Noise and planning;
  • Waste management;
  • Land contamination;
  • Air quality; and
  • Site working hours, fumes/odours and light.

Noise and planning
Technical guidance – which aims to provide help and advice to noise in a planning context to encourage good acoustic design. It outlines what is expected, current guidance and policy details with the aspiration that new developments achieve the highest possible standards without compromising the health and well being of people that live and work within the City of Manchester.  

Applicants, developers and acoustic consultants are advised to read this document prior to submitting a planning application.

Waste management
The waste management strategy contains minimum standards for planners, architects, developers and property managers to assist in planning and designing systems for the storage and collection of refuse and for recycling facilities in domestic and commercial properties.

Land contamination
The Manchester area has had a long history of industrial activity and this has had an impact on the condition of much of the land, and on which some contamination may therefore be present. Further information can be found on contaminated land in Manchester.

The national planning policy framework advises that developments should minimise pollution and contaminated land should be remediated where appropriate. As a minimum a study should be undertaken, which will indicate if further site investigation data and/or remediation is required - see information for developers for further details.

Air quality
We have adopted the most recent IAQM guidance on the assessment and control of dust from demolition and construction sites, and also for air quality considerations in land-use planning and development control.  View the IAQM guidance. Applicants, developers and consultants are advised to read the guidance prior to submitting a planning application.

Site working hours, fumes/odours and light
The information for developers on environmental issues provides developers with information related to our policy on discharging planning conditions imposed by us.

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