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Homes & property Electricity problems in your home

No lights or power

There could be a number of reasons why you have no lighting or power in your home. 

What you can do:
Check if the lights in the street or if any neighbours have been affected, Electricity North West will confirm if there has been a power cut in your area, they can be contacted on 0800 195 4141.
Or check that the bill has been paid, if your home has a prepayment meter check you have sufficient credit.

Check if it's just the lights or sockets or if both are affected. If it is just the lights or just the sockets the problem will be confined to your home and it is possible that a fuse has blown check the fuse board; often fuses blow or with more modern fuse boards the fuse can 'trip'.
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Electrical Safety First are a registered charity dedicated to reducing fires in the home and have put together a guide for tenants and landlords:

Dangerous wiring, sockets and electrical fixtures
Exposed wiring (copper conductor showing) or sparking sockets in a home can be dangerous and care should be taken, particularly if there are vulnerable people in your home.

What can you do:
As an owner-occupier it is your responsibility and you should contact a NICEIC or similar registered contractor to fix the problem.

If you are a tenant your landlord is responsible for fixing the problem, contact your landlord first to inform them and agree when the work can be carried out, give them the opportunity to resolve the problem before contacting us. If you're having problems dealing with your landlord follow these steps.

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