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Public taxi fares and charges

Effective from 15 September 2023

Fares detailed below are the maximum fares that may be charged for journeys that commence within the City Council Boundary and conclude at a destination that is less than 4 miles beyond that boundary and remains within Greater Manchester.  The taximeter is required to be engaged for these journeys and calculates both time and distance automatically.  The driver has to manually add permitted extras to the taximeter where appropriate.

All other journeys beyond the 4 mile limit and journeys into Cheshire are considered as ‘out of area’ and may be negotiated with the driver.

Day rates (6am until 10pm) – Tariff 1

  • First 381.1 yards (348.44m) - £3.40
  • then for every 134.70 yards (123m) or part thereof - 20p
  • Waiting time every 31.57 second seconds - 20p

Night (10pm until 6am, Bank Holidays 24hrs) – Tariff 2

  • First 230.39 yards (210.67m) - £3.80
  • then for every 101.20 yards (92.5m) or part thereof - 20p
  • Waiting time every 23.84 seconds - 20p

Public Holidays – Tariff 3

  • Night Rate all day, 24 hours

Christmas/New Year – Tariff 4

  • 8pm on 24 December until 6am on 27 December, Night rate + 50%
  • 8pm on 31 December until 6am on 2 January, Night Rate + 50%


  • For each passenger additional to hirer - 20p
  • Fouling charge - £50
  • Piccadilly Station charge
    • For journeys through Piccadilly Station taxi rank barrier - 60p
  • Manchester Airport charges
    • Pick up at Airport Rail Link – Barrier Charge - 60p
    • Drop off at any air terminal – Barrier Charge - £3
    • Pick up at any air terminal – Barrier Charge - £1.80

Average cost (not including any waiting time)

Distance in miles Distance in kilometres (km) Day rate Night rate
1 miles 1.6km £5.80 £6.80
5 miles 8km £16.20 £20.80
10 miles 16.1km £29.20 £38.00

Upfront payments

  • drivers may ask you to pay a nominal deposit up front to provide assurance of payment.

Out of Area Journeys

These fares are normally negotiated with the driver, who may refer to a printed sheet of fares for ‘out of area’ destinations.  This list of fares is not an official City Council document but can form the basis of a starting point for negotiation of a fare. Drivers may use the taximeter for these journeys but it is not compulsory. 

Complaints or Praise

Please complete the online forms Make a complaint about a taxi or Compliments and Suggestions.   

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In order for us to best assist you with your enquiry, please provide as much information as possible e.g date, time, location of incident, vehicle registration  number or licence plate number displayed externally or Taxi light box number displayed inside vehicle, photographs can also be helpful to us.

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